Friday, May 27, 2011

Michael Jackson: Recommended Reading/Listening

This is my collection, in no particular order, of trusted web sites dedicated to researching the truth about Michael Jackson. All of these various bloggers/authors have spent countless hours reading, researching, compiling, synthesizing and analysing the facts and life of this extraordinary and honorable man. I applaud their efforts to celebrate Michael's life and uncover the truth regarding his tragic and untimely death. I can't thank them enough!!! God bless all of you!!!

"From Atop The Branches of the Giving Tree..."

"The Diary of a Fledgling Reporter"

"Aphrodite Jones: Michael Jackson Conspiracy"

"Reflections On The Dance"

"Vindicating Michael"

"Trials & Tribulations"

"Michael Jackson : Truth versus Lies"

"Inner Michael - Rev. B. Kaufmann"

"Michael Jackson: And Justice for Some"